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Cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, cupcakes, tarts, marzipan, sponge cakes, cakes or layer cakes - there are no limits to what you can do with Vittero products. In our range, every baking enthusiast will find the right product for him or her. Our baking tins have been developed above all to give you the joy of baking and being in the kitchen with your family. Enjoy life in your kitchen and discover the world of new sweets together with us!

Anna Starmach Ambassador

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Anna Starmach is a native of Krakow, one of the most talented cooks of the young generation, she is the author of 7 culinary books and a blog. She was the hostess of the very popular programme Pyszne25 and currently judges the culinary feats of amateur cooks in the MasterChef and MasterChef Junior programmes. It is thanks to them that she has become known and loved by a wider audience. Extremely cheerful and talented, she is a fan of morning coffee, without which she does not leave home. She studied art history, but it was cooking that turned out to be her real passion, which she decided to follow. She graduated with honours from the Parisian Le Cordon Bleu school. She has completed numerous internships in many renowned restaurants in Poland and France.

Her love of cakes and desserts has led to a collaboration with the VITTERO brand, of which she has become an Ambassador. From now on, together we will create products that make baking an extraordinary and delicious adventure for the whole family.

Let's discover the world of unique sweets together!

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Designed in Italy!
Healthy baking thanks to healthy products. We only use tested and certified raw materials in Vittero baking tins. The 'Healthy Coating' stamp next to it is not just a slogan, it is an assurance of the health-promoting qualities of our products. Each mould is produced in modern factories where purity is a priority. For steel products, we use the American Skandia Xtreme coating, while for aluminium products it is the excellent Italian IPERTEK Pro coating. Check out our moulds, make your own baking arrangements and always expect more!

Steel carmino

Thanks to the baking tins of the VITTERO line, preparing your favourite dishes will be much easier. Our tins are the only ones on the market that are suitable for both baking cakes and preparing sweet and salty dishes! They are made of Hi-Top steel, which is optimised for better heat distribution and ensures excellent baking results. The baking tins feature PPG's Skandia Extreme Plus double-layer non-stick coating. As a result, they guarantee excellent baking results and the cakes come out of the tin easily and quickly. In addition, our products are recommended for intensive use due to their extraordinary resistance to abrasion. However, in order to ensure the perfect appearance of the tins with regard to scratching, we recommend using silicone, polyamide or wooden accessories suitable for non-stick coatings.

Optimum operating temperature 180°C - 220°C, maximum permissible temperature 230°C

- Hi-Top carbon steel T50
- PPG non-stick coating - Skandia Extreme Plus

aluminium crema

With the baking tins from the VITTERO line, preparing your favourite dishes will be much easier. Our aluminium moulds have been adapted for the preparation of cakes, desserts, snacks both sweet and salty. They are made from cold-pressed aluminium, enriched with alloy additives to ensure even heat distribution. This ensures that the dough is perfectly cooked on all sides. The moulds have a double-layer Italian Ipertek PRO non-stick coating. This ensures excellent baking results and the cakes come out of the tin easily and quickly. To ensure the perfect appearance of the tin, with regard to scratching, we recommend using silicone, polyamide or wooden accessories, which are suitable for non-stick coatings.

Optimum operating temperature 160°C - 210°C, maximum permissible temperature 230°C

- cold-pressed aluminium
- Ipertek PRO non-stick coating

Steel ORO

With the new baking tins from Vittero, baking will be pure pleasure! The baking tins of the ORO line are made of high-quality carbon steel and coated with the XYNFLON non-stick coating with a copper admixture. This guarantees a high operating temperature and very rapid heat transfer to the dough being prepared. The coating also prevents the dough from sticking to the bottom and edges of the tin, which means that any baked goods will be easy to remove from the tin. Such baking tins also do not always require greasing with fat (this depends on the type of cake), which makes the baked goods less calorific. The ORO moulds are very easy to clean and do not require the use of a dishwasher. Our products are recommended for everyday baking in every household!

Optimum operating temperature 180°C - 220°C, maximum permissible temperature 220°C

- high-temperature carbon steel
- XYNFLON non-stick coating


In our forms, everything succeeds. Check out the delicious recipes and enjoy successful baked goods. Share your passion for baking with your loved ones - offer them delicious baked goods. Enjoy!
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